Tuesday, 8 August 2017

C17 Globemaster III build - glass at last, and U2 respray

The Big Grey Moose has at last visited the garage workshop for glass-work.  I was glassing the new A10 tailplane, along with the rebuilt Hawk fuselage, so thought I may as well get the big girl moved along a bit at the same time.

Underside first :

Then the top :

The U2 had some love just recently, and I forgot to add pictures.  All the little dings and scratches were first smoothed out with 3M red-spot glazing putty, then where needed, the airframe was re-sprayed in matt black.  I then added panel lines with a soft pencil, added some decals, then blasted satin lacquer all over.

Results :

I am very happy with that, and she should look a lot neater in the air now.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Where was I? Ah yes, more building - PSS F15 & C17

It's been a little while, and I can't remember where I got to with what builds are in progress on here, so some explanation is needed.

The HET F15 that I swapped with Matt Jones for a HET MiG 29 is now back in my possession.  He ran out of interest in it in the final furlong, and has nearly finished a large model of his own design for the slope, so I snapped it up at Weston Park model show.  Matt has done a lot of lovely work, including blanking off intakes, converting to a 2 seater, glassing the wings, making the fins plug-in, creating better tailplane bearings, installing servos, correcting oil-canning of the fibreglass etc etc.

There are just a few little bits to do and she will be ready for paint.  Some spot putty going in on the wing / fus joint :

Sanded down this side : 

Servo install all done.  Oh yes, all carbon pushrods have been made up and supplied too : 

A lovely twin seat cockpit, with ejector seats and pilots from Real Model Pilots : 

Canopy plug, hand made by Matt.  So one of those to mould by me : 

I am also finalising the fitment of the flaps on the C17, and prepping the U2 for a partial respray and decals.  

Speaking of C17, the engine halves came quite a few weeks ago, and I set about fettling the first one together :

Not too shabby, but I will blow over the joint with a guide coat before filling and rubbing back again: 

Right, that's it for now.  RIAT tomorrow and Sunday!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The PSSA at the Lleyn Peninsula - photo post

Here's a selection of the flying shots from Phil Cooke of my models at the Lleyn :

I'm still overjoyed with the Viggen flight and the Magister's performance, as well as the amazing weather we enjoyed.  Can't wait 'till the next Orme event!

Monday, 3 July 2017

The PSSA at the Lleyn Peninsula

What an amazing weekend!

We had some fantastic weather with the best views of slope soaring in the UK all around us this last weekend, and I'm very happy with the fleet's performance, too.

The SAAB Viggen was at last airborne in style with plenty of circuits over a 15 minute flight that gave me plenty of time to explore the niggles and nuances of this big twin delta.  It's quite strange using the left stick as a throttle on the slope adding or reducing flap on the canards through a turn, and even reducing reflex by adding flap, but increasing drag at the same time.  A strange but enjoyable experience.

The Fouga Magister has at last come of age now too, with all spar and control issues sorted, I flew her the most, including some tight 3-Fouga formation flying with Matty Jones and Rich Henderson.  This aircraft is so solid in the air, with a fantastic turn of speed and roll rate, she really is just the airplane that I wanted her to be.

The U2 and Vulcan were also campaigned a bit, the former suffering a bit of a crack around the undercarriage doors on the Saturday, I thought she better sit the Sunday out.

Anyway, more photos and videos to come of this epic flying trip.

Friday, 23 June 2017

1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs - part 3

OK so work continues on the new tail.  Here we have the carbon spar, hinge blocks, servo bays, and wiring all in place for the rudder servos : 

Then some local bracing for the carbon dowels to stick through at the front of the tail.  Here, she is shown mounted in the fuselage:

And from the top - perfect fit!

The top skin was then added, along with a liteply end face, that had the carbon tube protruding through.  Front hole is for wiring access, rear hole is for the M4 bolt :

The fins then need a corresponding mating face.  This was pressed up against the vertical spars within the balsa structure, locally reinforced with triangular section.  The carbon dowel was cyano'ed in place, then backed up with a large, thickened, epoxy fillet on the back face.  

The gap that currently has balsa wedges in will be lined with balsa to tie the skin in, and neaten things up a bit :

Bolt holes drilled through and now mounted on the original plastic bolts: 

Then the fin was slipped on, and the nylon bolt done up: 

From the inside: 

So I need to do the other fin mounting plate, line the fin gaps with balsa, do the tailplane blends front and back, then its ready for glassing.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs - part 2

Some progress on the new A10 tail.  Once two sheets of 3/32nd  have been joined, I can start drawing out servo positions (brought over from the old elevators) and a general rib layout :

Dry fit of ribs, hard 1/4" balsa TE glued on :

Ribs start going on over lower square sub-spar, after having been run-through with the large brass tube for lightening holes :

All ribs in, as well as new 12mm OD carbon tube spar, and upper square sub-spar :


Friday, 16 June 2017

1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs

 In between a few builds at the moment, so I've decided to have a look at the A10 tailplane with a view to replacing it with a lighter, stronger version.  The bottom of the TP had another spanwise crack in it, alongside the original full depth spar, so rather than re-glue it and put up with more damage next landing, it's upgrade time.

Firstly, fin removal.  Ah well, no going back now!

End view of the TP, showing original spar :

Elevators are actually built straight and not too heavy, so I will re-use these : 
Saucy left foot action!
 Other fin off now - this one was a bit more sturdy :

I knew I had the templates somewhere for making the foam core TP, so I got out the collection of foam wing rib templates that I've collected over recent years. A10 TP ones are at the bottom : 

Sandwich up 13 slices of 1/8" balsa, and sand to shape :

I've done two sets as Phil Cooke is re-doing his TP too (was also foam) and whilst I had the template out, I did him a set as well.

I'm at Weston Park model show tomorrow, so I will buy the 3/32" balsa that I seem to be short of for the top and bottom sheeting, plus some carbon tube that will be its spar.