Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Typhoon flaps and ailerons

Build continues apace, and with the garage still being used by the builders to store tools and stuff, I've not been able to get anywhere near all the glassing I need to crack on with.  I'm going to try glassing some smaller bits indoors in the workshop this weekend, hopefully that goes well and I can crack on a bit.

Anyway, very heavy and bent flaps from the original model have been replaced with hard balsa items that will be glassed on one side :

Original at top, new at bottom
This seemed to work well in the wing, so I made the other three :

The ailerons were fairly wobbly and of poor build quality, so I've replaced them as well:

Flaps attached, and port wing with new aileron too
50m of servo wire purchased, ready to kit all these wings out :

So that's everything but the rudder replaced in new balsa.  I wouldn't have been happy unless I'd done this, as they were all in poor shape.  Just means lots to glass!

Anyway, I've just purchased another PSS aircraft, this time an ARTF from Hobbyking.  It's a prop warbird from WW2, and will need very little work to get ready for the slopes - I've been taking photos as I go, so will update shortly with a build blog.

Looks like April will be a busy month for maidens :

HET Dasault Rafale
New project PSS 60"
C17 133"
Hawker Typhoon 106"

Let's hope the weather plays ball.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Typhoon wing centre section

Back from holidays, and back into the workshop for some Tiffie action.  I've gone around the wing and used P38 filler to get rid of the worst of the offending dents and hollows, now I need to sort the undercarriage wells.

Started off by gluing in little noggins to support a top plate :

Here is the top plate, being cut to size.  I used 3mm liteply :

Now glued in and pinned down :

Then filled and sanded when dry :

Time to fill in those truly horrible servo boxes with 3mm medium balsa linings :

I was on a roll, so made up 5 more for the other wing servo bays :

More soon!

Friday, 5 January 2018

NYE flying, and happy new year!

Well, 2018 is here, and many lovely flying days await us, I'm sure.

Over the holiday period, I managed to meet up with some PSSA pals, and get a bit of flying done on the Great Orme, in a stunning 45mph SW wind on the best slope.  The F15 and Fouga both flew well, but both were damaged on the ground in separate incidents unfortunately, both easy repairs though.