Monday, 21 October 2019

C17 - the long slog continues

Flap canoes have now been all printed and attached to the bottom of the port wing, and some more tidying of the rippled veneer was also taken care of :

This wing is now all glassed, final canoe installation complete.

Parts are now being primed for the C17, so we're getting there!

The final official PSSA meet of the year

Well, just over a week since I got back, so here's some pictures.  Most of these are already out there on the 'net somewhere, but I have included them here for completeness.

I manage to stuff the big Antonov into the trailer and drag the big white heap up to the Orme.  No drama in the launch phase, but I was on full pucker-alert on landing - at the top flatter section of the SW / S bowl was where I donked an A10 landing in the distant past.  Anyway, all went OK and she was a bit of a crowd pleaser even though it's a hateful thing to fly.

A full trailer
I tried to sell the Antonov when I was there for £50, but had no takers - shame!

The Stuka was much more interesting and went well, although the C of G was too far back so was a bit pitchy.  A little damage on landing but all repaired now.

The Spit, Hurri and little Mustang all flew without issues too.  All in all a good end to the season.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Junkers JU-87D "Stuka" for PSS - a quick build thread

I purchased this through an offer on eBay a while ago, and a good PSSA friend went to pick it up for me, as it was located way up north.

Hmm,  a bit scabby, but may have potential. I started off removing all that steel work for the undercarriage, which saved 2lbs of crap.  I then realised because this was an ex-power model, it's covered in filth, grease and oil.  A good week of meths cleaning got things to a standard where I'd let it into the workshop without stinking the place out.  I honestly have no idea how power fliers put up with it.

It's a Stuka, so we need to keep those wheel spats for part of the outline.  They'll be magnetised on and hopefully clear the wing and flaps upon landing...

Rudder, elevator and two aileron servos were installed (flap servos already in place), and a battery chucked up front.  As ever, noseweight was going to be required, so I built a liteply box that was then filled with lead shot and epoxy, then bolted to the still extant engine mount.

It comes right up to the back of the spinner

Which allows the cowl to be mounted neatly.  The spinner is glued together lightly with cyano, then double-side-taped to the cowl front.  Hopefully should keep it there.

I printed off a receiver and aerial mount, and glued it to the wing.  My thoughts there being that I only have to make 3 connections to the fus, rather than 5 connections from the wing (oh yes, added a bomb drop, forgot that)

Servo-less bomb drop with a 3D printed 250kg bomb :

 Just about 11lbs I think AUW - not too skinny, not too heavy.

All done - back to other projects.