PSS Models (updated November 2021)

My first own-design, and third PSS machine - a MiG 29 Fulcrum :

Me262A "Schwalbe" :

SAAB Viggen, converted from am old (Jim Fox) ducted fan kit : 

A10 (a great write up of the maiden flight in April 2016 RCM&E by Simon Cocker) : 

An Su27 Flanker. Great to look at, pig to fly.  These do not like rolling! :
Mine on the right

An F104 Starfighter (bought, not built, paint-job by me). Surprisingly great on the slope due to light weight of hollow glass fuselage in light foam wings :

A Hawk in commemorative colours, built and flown by Matt Jones for a few years now, but now mine : 

SHM Avro Vulcan.  Bought as a bare wood project to finish.  A great flier but rarely flown by me :

Own Design C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th scale (133" span, 32lbs rtf).  Finished, tried to fly it, got very pissed off with it, now dismantled and sitting in the shed :

Scratch built Lockheed U2-S.  Bought as a complete unflown airframe, now a few seasons old.  Needed some modifications for slope use as it was built for turbines.  Foam wings, built up fuselage :

Fouga Magister (from Island Models kit).  I modified this with 6mm carbon pushrods exiting under the TP halves, with two servos laying flat in the fuselage to give me full vee-tail control :

Willis Warbirds quarter scale Hawker Typhoon.  She is 1:4.7 scale (108" wingspan), weighs 22lb, has 6 servos in the wings (4 on flaps), and two servos in the fuselage.  Pilot is from RealModelPilots, and she has working landing lights running off a separate 1 cell lipo.  The spinner alone weighs 8lb just to balance that short nose :

A Hawker Hurricane iid from the Matt Jones plan :

Guinness World Record breaking Antonov 225.  Bought as a wreck from Simon Cocker, now airworthy again:

Thorpe Bros' F20 Tigershark (build to start), although I may actually convert this to a large X27 with some jiggery-pokery :

Black Horse mini P51.  I don't give this airframe enough credit - it is a joy to fly :

Own design Hawker SeaHawk.  Flies very nicely, with frantic roll rate due to full span strip ailerons. Plans available from me for this one :

Sixth scale Spitfire mk9 (cover star of RCM&E magazine :) ) :

B24D Liberator - own design, still in build.  Hope to get it going for 2022 season :

Gloster Meteor F3 - own design.  7th scale (57" span), weighing in at a portly 10lb 4ozs, but will fly happily in 20mph on a good slope.  Thankfully I fitted flaps (4 servo wing) to slow her up on the landing approaches!

YT International Stuka.  Yes, a Stuka. Weighs 9lbish and flies very nicely off the slope.  Only Stuka in the world flown as PSS I think? Working dive flaps and bomb release.  Undercarriage is magnetised on, jericho siren to follow:

CJM (I think) all-moulded F105 Thunderchief.  Bought from Matt Jones in primer (which he flew it in), sold to me and given a 'Nam era paintjob. As yet un-flown by me! :

F100D Super Sabre.  Built from a ducted fan plan I found on Outerzone.  Foam wing to my own own spec, all built up fuselage.  Flies well-ish, has some odd flight tendencies that need to be tuned out :

Another Hawker Typhoon.  This one built to 7th scale from the Brian Taylor plan and heavily modified for slope use by John Plumbley. The model then changed hands many times over the years, and got in a bad state of repair, before coming to me.  I added a rudder control, repaired the wing and fuselage, sorted the wiring so the nav and landing lights work etc.  Flies beautifully, and as they say is definitely "a keeper". :

This little Tempest was a great purchase.  Flies very nicely in most wind speeds, and can be chucked around willy-nilly.  A foam wing and built up fus may get glassed at some point, as the covering is starting to show its age :

An RBC kit Grumman Panther.  Not a great start in life for me with this little monster.  First chuck to test the C of G ended with a massive stall and then snapped off a wing.  Currently in the workshop being modified for removable wings to make transport easier :

A 6th scale P47 Thunderbolt.  This more or less rounds out my ground-attack themed fleet!  It was a power model with huge retracts in.  It is currently getting the PSS conversion treatment in the workshop:

M55 Mystic (approx 4.5m span, in build)
Ilyushin IL-102 (own design, in build)
Quarter-scale FW190 A8 from Willis Warbirds kit (in build)

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