Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Own design PSS Gloster Meteor, part 3

 Well, regular updates aren't really forthcoming, but at least I'm still here.  I've completed a couple of sport glider builds in the mean time (Angelwings FVT3 and Pug Twisty DLG), and I'm still concentrating on the old Meatbox.  I've decided next up on the build list will be the quarter scale FW190 that was bought as a half completed fuselage with a pair of wings 2 or 3 years ago, but more on that later.

So the glassing and priming went well on the Meteor, and the fuselage has since had a spray putty coat, and some more detail added - namely the cockpit interior with gunsight, and the guns themselves.

The wings had more red spot putty added to the engines, along with blends to the wings being tweaked.  They are now ready for 2k filler primer, as soon as I've finished off the servo hatches in the underside.

Pilot paint WIP

Boxes of paints from

3D printed gun ports set in

Start of the servo access hatches; 3 more to go

Chris' Meatbox very close now - paint and lacquer all on!

Soon..... :D

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  1. Looking good Andy! I do like the 3D printed gun ports - very cool!