Friday, 9 April 2021

Planning plans of planes

 I've had cause to update a couple of plans recently - namely the Sea Hawk, and also spruce up something I started a while back; the digitizing of a Micro Mold Avenger sport slope soarer.

Avenger, as seen on the cover of our bible "Slope Soaring", by Dave Hughes.  I've always had a soft spot for the Avenger as the chap who taught me to fly had one, and it was a beautiful machine.

And secondly, my own design Hawker Sea Hawk.  A lovely flying machine and a couple of guys want to build one - so I finished this one up to make it a bit more respectable.  Still quite a "builders" plan though!

I still have the Skyraider plan to finish, and hopefully productionize for PSS.  I'm doing most of this one in 3D as it's a bit quicker for me to do so, but trickier when forming fuselage sides and other bent pieces.  "Sheet metal" mode rarely transfers nicely to the often longer and more compound blends we find in our models.

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