Thursday, 29 April 2021

B24 back into build

 My own design B24 Liberator is finally back onto the board for some much needed attention.  I'd left the build just after finishing the glassing of the fuselage and tailplane, as well as having mounted and blended the aforementioned TP

First up is the main wing joiner tube mounting into the wings and the fuselage.  It's a pretty slow process as there is a lot of prep to be done, but I'll post pictures as soon as I get to them.

I think I'd already mentioned that this will be produced in the colours of "Strawberry Bitch", a B24D as shown here :

And I already have all that artwork from Callie Graphics, but.....this scheme is really appealing to me too :

A bit of Coastal command feels quite nice.  The top image shows the G model I believe, with a different nose layout to mine - not a problem as it's retro-fittable and easy enough at this stage.  The top view in the second image I quite like too - "F-OH".  I like all those antennae hanging off, perversely!

Hmmm....A bit more work on the wings and I'll keep thinking about it.

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  1. Yeah that RAF Coastal Command scheme looks great, I do like the contrast between the white and the 2 tone camo. Also like the painted Leading Edges on teh fins too for some reason! Do It!!