Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Own design Gloster Meteor for PSS - maiden and thoughts

With the first PSSA meet of the year, I was really hoping that the Meteor got a maiden - and she did!

We had to wait a bit for the big winds forecast on Sunday evening on the favoured SW slope, but they came about as forecast, and aviation was committed.

All pictures by Shona Meade;

A slight oopsie on the landing, as the Chief Design Engineer forgot that the balsa version of the nacelles had thick balsa on the bottom and formers top and bottom for a reason : landing loads.  When 3D printed, the flexing of the nacelle snipped it off cleanly over a layer line.  Oh dear.  A quick fix though, along with a C of G tweak as it was slightly rearward of ideal.  

Overall very happy with her though, and very glad for fitting the flaps.

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