Friday, 30 July 2021

Another Typhoon for PSS, and other flying.

 Well, the PSSA events have been coming thick and fast, and it doesn't slow down until after September - which is great!  Or at least great for flying and meeting up with the guys, but workshop time is at a minimum as planes are prepped, repairs are made, and maintenance carried out.  Ah well - there could be worse problems I suppose!

The Lleyn MAC PSSA meet was a great success again, with plenty of flying taking place over both event days, and lots more over my extended stay in the area.  The Meteor had another flight, which Phil Cooke managed to capture very nicely;

This little balsa Tempest that I'd bought from another member got lots of airtime too, such a stable model to fly in most wind conditions;

The little Tempest was again flown a lot at the recent Bwlch SWSA PSSA meet, along with a new addition.  Yes another model. Yes another Typhoon. No I don't care, as this one is slightly special.  

Originally a John Plumbley build from the Brian Taylor plan, modified for the slope with a glider wing section and different nose box, this aircraft is of museum quality.

I had a great first flight with her, but she does need some attention in her old age.  A few different owners and many years have taken it's toll in the airframe, so first up was a paint match for some wing repairs that I had actually undertaken for the previous owner.

Next up was a rudder.  The current rudder was in a sorry state with cellotape repairs and it was hanging off of it's double sided tape mounting (!).  I don't like to fly draggy warbirds without a rudder, so on with the conversion!

Rudder stripped, front face rounded, hinge blocks added, horn block added :

Green solartex'ed, thin masking added to simulate rib tape;

Primed, ready for final paint;

I've also got the guns to fit (new ones printed), and bombs to fit the drop mechanism (nearly all printed), so she's coming along nicely. I've also got the complete lighting system working on her, which I've never seen operating before!


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