Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Fouga Magister for PSS - flying shots

Some lovely shots here by Phil Cooke of the Fouga in her element.  I couldn't get the tip tanks to stay on, even with 3 high powered magnet sets per tank.

Cheers Phil!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The start of the PSSA 2017 season - The Great Orme

A mixed weekend really, but I maidened 3 aircraft that went well - the U2-S, Fouga, and the little A4.  The A4 needed a lot of up-trim, but stayed up in reasonably light lift which was nice.  I donked the landing a bit and split the nose along the line where there was a crack already from my test chucks in the garden, so an easy fix.

The Fouga flew out and away with zero trim required, but ideally needs a steel spar.  I know that John reassured me that all is ok with the glass version, but to see the wings "flap" up and down as you pass through turbulence isn't confidence inspiring, so I'll get one made up at work.

The U2 went very well indeed - my C of G calcs seemed spot on.  It was perhaps a little blowy for her, as she just kept climbing.  Full crow brake produced a steady reversing to the slope which I was very happy with.  The landing was uneventful, but another flap horn has pulled loose.

Photos to follow at some point.

Oh, and Google prompted me with some domain name choices this morning, so once they have filtered through the DNS, this blog will be reachable from and shortly!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

PSS fleet preparation, April 2017

Well, here is a post with a bit of everything on it, with random pictures from my phone from this week so far.

Fouga nose-light testing - I had to drop the 6.6v from the LiFe to 6v max with a regulator as apparently the LED unit has a max voltage at that value.  All programmed up now!

The mini A4 has been re-servo'ed, and also set up on the Horus.

A bit of surgery for the A4 - tail incidence change.  This has now been blocked out with balsa and re-covered.

Fouga out in the sun after her satin lacquer top coat.

The little fatty!  She took about 5 ounces of lead in the nose to balance.

All pile on the scales.

Fouga detail shot.

U2 on the c-of-g rig.  Balanced between 5 and 8% stability.

Belly shot.  I've taped up the retract doors for now, as the maiden will be without it.

Looking forward to some flying this weekend.