PSS Models (updated October 2017)

My first "recent" (post Uni) PSS model - an Albatross (sold) :

Then my first own-design, and second PSS machine - a MiG 29 Fulcrum :

Quickly followed by a Jet Provost (it's right at the back!) (sold):

After that, an Me262A "Schwalbe" :

Then a SAAB Viggen, converted from am old (Jim Fox) ducted fan kit : 

And then a large (115"), silly A10 (a great write up of the maiden flight in April 2016 RCM&E by Simon Cocker) : 

A Big (110") B52 that was bought, not built (sold) : 

A Horten 229 v2: 

An Su27 Flanker:
Mine on the right

An F104 Starfighter (bought, not built, paint-job by me) :

A Hawk in commemorative colours, built and flown by Matt Jones for a few years now, but now mine (currently getting a new paint job after a crash) :

SHM Avro Vulcan

Own Design C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th scale (in build)

Scratch built Lockheed U2-S :

Fouga Magister (from Island Models kit) :


Willis Warbirds fifth scale Hawker Typhoon :

No photos (that I want to post, anyway) of : 

Own Design Hawker Sea Hawk (in build)
HMM F4 Phantom (recent respray, now re-flown)
Flair Hawker Hunter (rebuild in progress, then will be sold)
M55 Mystic (approx 4.5m span, in build)
Ilyushin IL-102 (own design, in build)
MiG 29 Fulcrum (HET version - glass and balsa)
Depron KC10 (in design)
Quarter-scale FW190 A8 from Willis Warbirds kit (in build)