Monday, 11 September 2017

PSS HET F15 - paint, decals, panel lines etc.

The Eagle continues apace, with the addition of some decals that really "pop" against the camo background :

I then painted up the exhaust nozzles that I'd 3D printed so long ago, and stuck them on to the rear of the aircraft with thickened 5 minute epoxy :

I then spent far too much time adding panel lines, and a tiny bit of weathering :

And with that, the airframe was ready for my current favourite finish - Halford's "satin clear lacquer" :

I just need to finish off the cockpit glass work, balance her, then she's ready for the hill!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

PSS HET F15 - progress into paint

The little HET F15 has come along nicely, and with about a day's worth of masking then spraying, the camo part of the paint is done.  She represents a Japanese F15JD:

All the control systems and servos are already in, so it's down to the final furlong now - panel lines, decals, lacquer, attaching exhausts, radio setup, balancing etc.  Only a couple of weeks left and she'll be good to go.

Fifth scale Hawker Typhoon - for PSS!

And of course, another project - why not?!

This is a Willis' Warbirds 1:4.7 scale Typhoon, that originally had a 70cc single cylinder petrol engine in. She weighed about 38lb in that state, but I helped the seller strip the engine, noseweight, and retracts before I took her home - she now weighs 21lb "dry".

She needs for very little, really - just some tidying up and painting.  The paint job was half-sanded off, but leaving some lovely panel lines and rivet detail that I want to keep.  I've had a good look around at colour schemes too, as I'm not a fan of repeating letters in a registration - don't know why, it just looks odd!

So, this is another big project to get in alongside the C17 for (hopefully) April, or sooner if she's done.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Quarter scale Fw190 for PSS

I picked this one up at the beginning of the year, and bought some more slope-oriented wings for it from Cloud Models.
I hope to get this one done in the summer of 2018, if everything else goes OK.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

PSSA @ The Orme and a big repair!

We had a great weekend's flying at the Great Orme this past weekend (19th & 20th August), with the best wind (40mph+ all day) being on the Saturday.  I haven't had a chance to go through my pictures yet from the camera, so here are a couple from Phil Cooke.

One from me - very early on the Saturday :

Unfortunately the F104 suffered a big bump, as Phil lost control when he was flying it through a loop.  She seemed to enter quite a deep stall and rolled this way and that, before hitting the grassy part of the slope face (thankfully!) inverted.

Ouch!  Anyway, I don't hang around with repairs on aircraft I love this much, so I started off on Monday evening getting her back together again.

Nose realigned with cyano in the joins :

Nose section tubbed inside with glass :

First coats of glazing putty going on to smooth everything out :

Ah well, that pushes some builds back a bit, but it's a labour of love.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

C17 Globemaster III build - glass at last, and U2 respray

The Big Grey Moose has at last visited the garage workshop for glass-work.  I was glassing the new A10 tailplane, along with the rebuilt Hawk fuselage, so thought I may as well get the big girl moved along a bit at the same time.

Underside first :

Then the top :

The U2 had some love just recently, and I forgot to add pictures.  All the little dings and scratches were first smoothed out with 3M red-spot glazing putty, then where needed, the airframe was re-sprayed in matt black.  I then added panel lines with a soft pencil, added some decals, then blasted satin lacquer all over.

Results :

I am very happy with that, and she should look a lot neater in the air now.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Where was I? Ah yes, more building - PSS F15 & C17

It's been a little while, and I can't remember where I got to with what builds are in progress on here, so some explanation is needed.

The HET F15 that I swapped with Matt Jones for a HET MiG 29 is now back in my possession.  He ran out of interest in it in the final furlong, and has nearly finished a large model of his own design for the slope, so I snapped it up at Weston Park model show.  Matt has done a lot of lovely work, including blanking off intakes, converting to a 2 seater, glassing the wings, making the fins plug-in, creating better tailplane bearings, installing servos, correcting oil-canning of the fibreglass etc etc.

There are just a few little bits to do and she will be ready for paint.  Some spot putty going in on the wing / fus joint :

Sanded down this side : 

Servo install all done.  Oh yes, all carbon pushrods have been made up and supplied too : 

A lovely twin seat cockpit, with ejector seats and pilots from Real Model Pilots : 

Canopy plug, hand made by Matt.  So one of those to mould by me : 

I am also finalising the fitment of the flaps on the C17, and prepping the U2 for a partial respray and decals.  

Speaking of C17, the engine halves came quite a few weeks ago, and I set about fettling the first one together :

Not too shabby, but I will blow over the joint with a guide coat before filling and rubbing back again: 

Right, that's it for now.  RIAT tomorrow and Sunday!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The PSSA at the Lleyn Peninsula - photo post

Here's a selection of the flying shots from Phil Cooke of my models at the Lleyn :

I'm still overjoyed with the Viggen flight and the Magister's performance, as well as the amazing weather we enjoyed.  Can't wait 'till the next Orme event!