Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Brian Taylor Hawker Typhoon, modified for PSS - improvements and mods

 The little Tiffie is very nearly finished now, I just have some new cannons to fit the dowels to for mounting, and we're all done.  I've been having great success printing PETG recently, so I've done the guns in that.  They seem very strong compared to PLA parts, so I'll keep a printer set up specifically for PETG from now on I think.

OK, to the photos then.

Rudder now hinged and epoxied in place, dark sea grey sprayed on;

Green next;

A quick bit of weathering.  Some silver to pick out around the hinges, then a light brushing of a light brown pigment powder across the top of the rib tapes;

Finally sealed off with matt lacquer;

I decided to make a storage / transport caddy for her out of blue foam - nearly as heavy as the fuselage!

With a removable top spine to protect the sensitive bits;

A little bit of bomb graffiti.  The release servo is now wired in and programmed up;

Other jobs include a printed RX mount; replaced the on/off switch with a newer HD item; tidied up the wiring as much as possible.

So that's pretty much it.  I hope to get some "beauty" shots before the weekend's event, if not I shall get some done whilst there.  I don't think my mods have added much weight, and I can actually see how to save a good few grams due to some balancing lead being in the battery box, where it could be reduced and added to the lead in the spinner.

That's all for now, keep on Tiffing.

Friday, 30 July 2021

Another Typhoon for PSS, and other flying.

 Well, the PSSA events have been coming thick and fast, and it doesn't slow down until after September - which is great!  Or at least great for flying and meeting up with the guys, but workshop time is at a minimum as planes are prepped, repairs are made, and maintenance carried out.  Ah well - there could be worse problems I suppose!

The Lleyn MAC PSSA meet was a great success again, with plenty of flying taking place over both event days, and lots more over my extended stay in the area.  The Meteor had another flight, which Phil Cooke managed to capture very nicely;

This little balsa Tempest that I'd bought from another member got lots of airtime too, such a stable model to fly in most wind conditions;

The little Tempest was again flown a lot at the recent Bwlch SWSA PSSA meet, along with a new addition.  Yes another model. Yes another Typhoon. No I don't care, as this one is slightly special.  

Originally a John Plumbley build from the Brian Taylor plan, modified for the slope with a glider wing section and different nose box, this aircraft is of museum quality.

I had a great first flight with her, but she does need some attention in her old age.  A few different owners and many years have taken it's toll in the airframe, so first up was a paint match for some wing repairs that I had actually undertaken for the previous owner.

Next up was a rudder.  The current rudder was in a sorry state with cellotape repairs and it was hanging off of it's double sided tape mounting (!).  I don't like to fly draggy warbirds without a rudder, so on with the conversion!

Rudder stripped, front face rounded, hinge blocks added, horn block added :

Green solartex'ed, thin masking added to simulate rib tape;

Primed, ready for final paint;

I've also got the guns to fit (new ones printed), and bombs to fit the drop mechanism (nearly all printed), so she's coming along nicely. I've also got the complete lighting system working on her, which I've never seen operating before!


Tuesday, 25 May 2021

New transmitter time - FRSky X20S


What a lovely unit!  Much lighter and more comfortable in the hands than the X12S, and with an all-new OS called EthOS, FRSky have gotten everything right with this I feel.

I flew a couple of smaller models with it at the weekend's PSSA meet, and everything worked as expected.  I think I'll be programming some of the larger fleet into this one shortly, as the new Tandem receiver line and the more recent ACCESS receivers are very capable and make the most out of the radio's capabilities.

Only thing missing at the moment that I really want is a a tray adaptor, so I can secure it to my harness.  I find the stability the harness provides a game changer, especially for a solo slope pilot when launching.

Own design Gloster Meteor for PSS - maiden and thoughts

With the first PSSA meet of the year, I was really hoping that the Meteor got a maiden - and she did!

We had to wait a bit for the big winds forecast on Sunday evening on the favoured SW slope, but they came about as forecast, and aviation was committed.

All pictures by Shona Meade;

A slight oopsie on the landing, as the Chief Design Engineer forgot that the balsa version of the nacelles had thick balsa on the bottom and formers top and bottom for a reason : landing loads.  When 3D printed, the flexing of the nacelle snipped it off cleanly over a layer line.  Oh dear.  A quick fix though, along with a C of G tweak as it was slightly rearward of ideal.  

Overall very happy with her though, and very glad for fitting the flaps.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

B24 back into build

 My own design B24 Liberator is finally back onto the board for some much needed attention.  I'd left the build just after finishing the glassing of the fuselage and tailplane, as well as having mounted and blended the aforementioned TP

First up is the main wing joiner tube mounting into the wings and the fuselage.  It's a pretty slow process as there is a lot of prep to be done, but I'll post pictures as soon as I get to them.

I think I'd already mentioned that this will be produced in the colours of "Strawberry Bitch", a B24D as shown here :

And I already have all that artwork from Callie Graphics, but.....this scheme is really appealing to me too :

A bit of Coastal command feels quite nice.  The top image shows the G model I believe, with a different nose layout to mine - not a problem as it's retro-fittable and easy enough at this stage.  The top view in the second image I quite like too - "F-OH".  I like all those antennae hanging off, perversely!

Hmmm....A bit more work on the wings and I'll keep thinking about it.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Planning plans of planes

 I've had cause to update a couple of plans recently - namely the Sea Hawk, and also spruce up something I started a while back; the digitizing of a Micro Mold Avenger sport slope soarer.

Avenger, as seen on the cover of our bible "Slope Soaring", by Dave Hughes.  I've always had a soft spot for the Avenger as the chap who taught me to fly had one, and it was a beautiful machine.

And secondly, my own design Hawker Sea Hawk.  A lovely flying machine and a couple of guys want to build one - so I finished this one up to make it a bit more respectable.  Still quite a "builders" plan though!

I still have the Skyraider plan to finish, and hopefully productionize for PSS.  I'm doing most of this one in 3D as it's a bit quicker for me to do so, but trickier when forming fuselage sides and other bent pieces.  "Sheet metal" mode rarely transfers nicely to the often longer and more compound blends we find in our models.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Own design PSS Gloster Meteor, part 3

 Well, regular updates aren't really forthcoming, but at least I'm still here.  I've completed a couple of sport glider builds in the mean time (Angelwings FVT3 and Pug Twisty DLG), and I'm still concentrating on the old Meatbox.  I've decided next up on the build list will be the quarter scale FW190 that was bought as a half completed fuselage with a pair of wings 2 or 3 years ago, but more on that later.

So the glassing and priming went well on the Meteor, and the fuselage has since had a spray putty coat, and some more detail added - namely the cockpit interior with gunsight, and the guns themselves.

The wings had more red spot putty added to the engines, along with blends to the wings being tweaked.  They are now ready for 2k filler primer, as soon as I've finished off the servo hatches in the underside.

Pilot paint WIP

Boxes of paints from Airbrushes.com

3D printed gun ports set in

Start of the servo access hatches; 3 more to go

Chris' Meatbox very close now - paint and lacquer all on!

Soon..... :D

Friday, 8 January 2021

Own Design C17 Globemaster III for PSS

 The catch up with build progressions continues, this time with the big Grey Moose.

I had painted the entire airframe, before realising that I had no efficient way of keeping the wings on still!  I had thought of using a method similar to the A10, but it's quite heavy.  

Anyway, the pictures below show it just before I retro-fitted the wing retention tongues, and I'm also sporting a beard (now gone!).

Just the engines and hatches to spray now, a final balance and controls set up. 

F100 PSS build flies

 I have ben rather slack on the updates in recent times, so I am updating bits and pieces as I think about them.  I noticed that I hadn't mentioned that the F100 flew, and flew...fairly well.  Some odd control responses hear and there which I hope to eradicate with some mixing.