Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Blohm und Voss BV-138c Sea Dragon

I can't remember if I posted about this in the past, but there aren't any labels saved for it, so maybe not?

I've wanted to get going on a decent seaplane build for a while, and when I saw this come up on ebay a few months ago, I had to send a cheeky offer in.  Thankfully I won it, and it's sat in the bottom shed for a couple of months awaiting a clear workspace.  She's too big to fit in the indoors 'shop, so she will be built mostly out in the top shed.  The wings can come in for planking, so it's not too all bad news for her.

A plastic kit of a BV-138c :

It just fit in the van....!

Welcome to your new home :

Posing with it's new owner (me) :

Fast forward 4 months, out of the bottom shed and into fresh air :

Top shed given a good tidy (yes this is very tidy!) :

Up on her side, time for sanding and joint filling :

Securing some planking that's come adrift :

I'm really looking forward to getting this one into a flying state, so much so that today I ordered the power system (3 motors, ESC's and 6s batteries - 3.3kW), and I'm looking at colour schemes.

Hopefully a new and interesting branch to the hobby (to me at least)!

F-100 Super Sabre for PSS - continued

The Hun has been coming along nicely, planking has finished on the main part of the fus with work now moving to the spine and canopy area.  No canopy exists for this model currently, so it's homebrew time.

Some carving and gluing :

Foam wings have arrived :

A quick dummy run with a dog for scale

Nose block going on - is it a Platypus?

I'm not that far from thinking about glassing it now, so some wing seat details to nail down.  After that, I'll put a blue foam block on the fus and shape that for a canopy mold.

Monday, 2 September 2019

F-100 Super Sabre for PSS

 The North American F-100 Super Sabre was a supersonic jet fighter / bomber that saw service in Vietnam along side the F-105 Thunderchief as fighter support.  A long time ago I found the plans here on Outerzone, and promptly printed a set.

The model will have a 56" wingspan, be of foam core wing and fully built up fuselage construction, and will be a glassed finish.

As there is a mass-build event for the F-86 Sabre, I decided to do it differently (for a change!) and make the SUPER version instead.

The wing is in production with Cloud Models, using a decent slope section, and should be ready soon.  The fuselage is already well under way at home. 

Formers all cut from 1.5mm birch ply

Notched and lightened

Built around a lite-ply crutch

Coming along!
Fin being built up

Fin pinned on temporarily 
Some more stringers added, and sheeting / planking started

Well, she should be ready quite early in the season next year, and I'm looking forward to flying her.  The C17 of course is still being worked on in the background, but when I need a break from glassing and sanding, I like to keep modelling momentum up with some balsa bashing.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Fame at last!

Well, I thought it was a prank by Phil Cooke, but I seem to have made the cover of the UK's only aeromodelling magazine - RCM&E.

Scary!  Good news for the association though, and my 6 week Spitfire build :D

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Some flying and other projects

I had a great 5 hour session on my club slope at Burton Dassett this past Sunday, with 3 aircraft flown.  Booming lift, but very bumpy close-in (the trees at the base are the cause, I'm sure) and massive thermals once pushed out from the slope.

CeePee and Mini-Blade Carbon

Mini-Blade and Valkyrie
The Mini-Blade performed as well as always, but could have done with some ballast I feel, but I flew so many high powered aeros from altitude, I'll forgive it's lightness. I really don't think I've ever flown so many non-stop aeros with any other airfraft as I did with the MB that day - spectacular.

The Valkyrie went well, but it was trying my patience when rigging.  It's probably 2+ years since I'd flown her last, and I'd forgotten just how fiddly the assembly is - she might visit the workshop soon for some mods!

The new CeePee...well, it was blustery.  I managed to push her away from the slope and enjoyed the responsiveness and speed across slope, as well as a few simple aeros.  Alas, the blustery bumpiness took its toll, and she was rolled over close-in on a pass that I couldn't recover from.  The fuselage took a big crack nearly around it's circumference, ending it's day.  All repaired now, just need to add some black solarfilm over the repair.

Onto new stuff, then.

I've committed to a 150% Jet Provost build, which should be a great size for the slope, and have already modelled some cockpit parts.

I've drawn up a 56" Gloster Meteor (Meatbox) F4 plan that I'll be getting laser cut shortly.

And I've started build on something else - another "century series" fighter, that Matt Jones and I are building one off each.

More to follow!

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Antonov, C17 and some sport models

Some odds and sods being take care of now that the major builds for this year are done with.  First off, the Antonov engine parts.  The paper cups have been chopped to length, primed, then sprayed silver :

I printed 6 off spiders to hold these in the ABS engines :

And here is one mounted in the engine.  A bit of glue, then they're all done :

I bought a small sport model from Silencemodel in France, called the CeePee.  A smart little thing, and a complete CNCkit with hardware too:

All built:

Covering started:

Finished and ready for servos.  Removable wings and tailplane (all-flying tail), should weigh about 220g AUW :

Some mods to the C17.  I've decided to delete the top surface spoilers, due to the complexity and doubts about their stiffness at this scale.  I filled the pockets with soft half-inch sheet, carved them flat, and wiped over with some lightweight filler.  Just a little bit of glass over that, and the it's time to continue with the flap canoes:

A bit of a mix, but the C17 is now firmly back on the bench.

Friday, 12 July 2019

Spitfire maidened, and other PSS stuff

Nearly two weeks since the amazing PSSA meet on the Lleyn, it's time to get things back to normal with a few running repairs on aircraft, and getting the next airframe through into build.  The Spit went very well, held energy well in the turns, and felt quite locked in - not at all like my previous experience of flying a model Spit I must admit.

The Spit received some damage on the second landing of the day, where the tufty landing area stopped the wings abruptly and the fuselage wanted to keep going!  An hour or two in the workshop and she's all repaired again.

The Tiffie continues to impress, so much so she / I won "Best Flown Piston Model", which I was quite chuffed about.  The conditions were great for her, and proves that lighter winds (30ish vs 55mph+ on the maiden) are in her capability.

All photos courtesy of Phil Cooke.

So what's next? I'm not too sure myself, there are a few build in the queue of course - B24, F20, C17, FW190 etc. but I'm getting back into power planes a bit at the moment having joined the local club earlier in the year. 

It's 4 more weekends until the Orme meet, so there won't be any new PSS aircraft from me for that meet, but I hope to get something else done before the year is out - I've completed and flown 3 brand new PSS models so far this year though.

Monday, 24 June 2019

6th scale Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX - nearing the finish line! (300th post!)

Only a few days (well, 3 in fact) to go until we leave for the Lley, so the Spit has been at full throttle all weekend.  Paint, most of the decals, and first pass weathering now complete :

Cockpit glued on and masked

All primed and ready to roll: 

Underside light grey first: 

Top side "Ocean Grey" added: 

Grey masked off, green sprayed: 

Masking off, paint hardening: 

Close enough I think: 

British warbird storage area :) : 

More decals going on, along with panel lines: 

First pass at weathering: 

Yes, she is a DiVA: 

More to come, might have to start putting in a few hours before work now, too.

I just noticed, that was the 300th post!