Thursday, 17 January 2019

Pilots and ejection seats

As mentioned previously, I've been doing some work for a friend, designing and making ejection seats for a Tornado (Martin Baker mk10a), as well as buying a 3d model of a jet pilot that I can scale and print for various aircraft in the future.

Pilot on seat:

Left arm just placed on for testing:

This should be approx 10th scale:

Straight off the printer:

A seat on it's own.  This one is slightly smaller than what was actually required - nearer 11th scale:

Monday, 7 January 2019

NYE flying, and back to the workshop

The annual PSSA informal NYE & NYD meet was another good one this year, although I only attended the NYE.  We were blessed with 32mph SW winds into the favoured bowl on the Great Orme, which provided ample lift for everything.

At last, a flying shot of JV-Z!  She really does handle so nicely :

The A10 got away OK, but flew unconvincingly for the first 5 minutes as all the trims were far out :

A good turn-out of PSSA pilots and plenty of variation in what we were flying :

Before I went up, I replaced the old rattly hitch on the trailer with a new shiny one:

No more clunks and bangs from that, excellent.

I've been designing and printing more parts recently - this is a Mk10A ejection seat from a Tornado :

I've now glassed the Seahawk canopy plug, and should be close to finishing that this week.  I've also spent some time insulating the shed, so it will be OK to spray in there at this time of year - the Tiffie being the first victim.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Seahawk and Liberator progress

The Seahawk now has a completely glassed airframe, and is now being rubbed down, and more progress has been made on the Liberator.  I'm quite liking glassing in the evenings now, certainly beats a film finish.

Quite happy with the finish I'm getting here, before rubbing back :

All done, and the start of the cockpit plug :

B24 tailplane and elevators all glassed, so a test fit-up was called for.  All good :

The B24 fuselage gets its first bit of glass on the bottom :

I've also glassed all the main surfaces on the C17 tailplane now, just the stubby bits to finish up and that'll be ready for knocking back too.  With any luck, the Seahawk will get some primer this weekend, especially as it's a long weekend for me.  

Monday, 26 November 2018

Hawker Seahawk for PSS - final bits of woodwork

The fin has now been clad, the elevator linkage soldered up an in place, and the exhaust fairings completed.  Quite close now for some more glass - as usual for me the whole bottom in one piece, then the fin, then the top.  

I've still to cut the ailerons from stock, as well as the elevators and rudder, but they don't take long at all, and will take longer to glass than shape.

AUW currently 1lb 9ozs, and I think the target will be another pound and a bit on top of that. If she ends up at 3lb, that'll be 19oz sq ft, which isn't too bad at all really.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

A rare post! Some building, some buying..

Apologies for the lack of posting, but I've been busy and not getting around to taking photos during builds, when I have actually been able to get to building.

I've been getting some more glassing done, here Seahawk and Liberator parts:

Out of shot are some Ilyushin parts (tailplane and fin) that were also glassed.  It's all coming along, slowly.

And here the underside of the Seahawk wings.  Just a bit of balsa behind the roots for the jet exhaust to add, then the whole fuselage can be glassed too:

A new addition to the fleet is this Byron F20, which has never been flown and used as a static model only.  She will get some new home-made wings, and a respray ready for the slope:

One of these F5 schemes I think:

The Typhoon has progressed a little, and then gone back a few stages as some of the work around the cannon wasn't to my liking, so I've re done the cannon mounts.  All of the priming is complete now though, so it's just waiting for some garage time to get the spraying started.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Hawker Typhoon for PSS - small progress

Whilst battling with the 3D printer on parts for other airframes, I've managed to get the cockpit fitted out, pilot in, and now the cockpit is on.  A major milestone for this aircraft, as that's the last bit of gluing done to the fuselage.  Paint is hopefully just round the corner..

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Back to building - Tiffie in the workshop

Well, after a few niggling repairs and updates to some airframes after the previous PSSA meet on the Orme (A10 wing dowel, U2 hole punctured in fus, spinner came off the Hurri, repair to Mustang wing where Shona knelt on it!), I'm back to building new aircraft.

The Tiffie is coming along nicely as she is really close to paint now, with the cockpit being fitted out and pilot in her seat.

I've got a big lump of lead to cast for the spinner, then I can make some final adjustments, fit the cockpit, mask up and go to paint.  Not sure she'll be done for October's meet though, as the Antonov needs a few little bits and I want to take her too.  Will see!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hawker Hurricane mk iid JV-Z for PSS - it flies!

Well, she flies, and flies well.  At just over the 4lb mark, the penetration and and energy retention is quite impressive, and will easily leave a JP and A4 (previous mass builds) in it's wake in the same conditions!

I also maidened the SBD - which I was pleasantly surprised with; the little Mustang - great fun and nimble; and lastly the Rafale was sorted enough to put in a good flying session.  She needs a bit more up-trim winding into the linkage permanently I think.

The SBD was a real star though - very aerobatic, and very stable through the turbulence.  The dive brakes work well, and lower the aircraft as if on an elevator, and I even dropped a bomb on the slope!

All in all, a great meet, and 3 great new aircraft all sorted.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

PSS 2018 Mass Build - Hawker Hurricane mk iid

I haven't really covered this aircraft on the blog here, as mostly I kept a forum thread updated with progress instead.  That can be viewed, here.

JV-Z was a 6 Squadron aircraft, and part of the "Desert Air Force", or 1st Tactical Air Force as it later became known.  JV-Z was a mk iid Hurricane, armed with two 40mm Vickers "S"cannon and just two .303's in the wings loaded with tracer for aiming purposes.  The 40mm cannon were loaded with just 15 rounds each, and the aircraft was equipped with extra armour around the radiator, engine, and pilot.  This only made a "marginal" difference to performance, apparently.

6 squadron earned itself the nickname "The Flying Can Openers", and modern 6 sqdn aircraft have a small motif on the aircraft to celebrate that.

My Hurricane is built from the mass-build Matt Jones plan, and weighs in at 4lb 6ozs RTF.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

The Antonov flies!

The big beastie took to the air without problems last week, the re-maiden happening on the Long Mynd.  Nothing to report really, other than I need to stick some covering back down, and two of the engines need a rework where the release tabs have cracked off the top.