Thursday, 12 October 2017

1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - all done (again!)

I rushed to get this one done for the Orme event, but as it turned out, there was not enough wind for me to risk chucking her off.  Anyway, I had forgotten to put photos up, so here they are.

Re-painted, weathered, panels lines, then lacquered

on the balancing rig

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

PSSA at the Great Orme - October 2017

A mixed event really - lots of new planes to see, and great to see the guys again with a great meal out.  Rain interrupted play on both days, but Sunday had the best wind if a little off the main slope. 

It looks like we'll manage at least a couple more gatherings before the year is out though.

Oh, and yes the F15 flies - just needs the C of G tweaking a bit, and she'll be good to go :)

PSS HET Rafale - into primer

Not that much of interest really - the Rafale has been filled where necessary, sanded down all over, and primed ready for some colours :



Before spraying - filler lines and some cockpit detail in pink foam

Monday, 2 October 2017

PSS HET Rafale - build continues

The little Rafale is coming along well.  The new "removable" tail had an incident when I was tacking the carbon tubes into the fuselage - cyano managed to wick around the ends and into the tube and dowel.  It stuck solid within seconds, so that was that!  No amount of tugging would free it, it was in solid.  Only one thing to do - go with it!  I firmed up the rest of the joint all the way around, then took everything for glassing.

Fin side one glassed :

Wings glass on bottom :

Then top :

Then line up and epoxied into the funselage with 1 hour epoxy, after a good blocking back :

I'm looking forward to being at the controls for the little beauties maiden.