Friday, 8 December 2017

Typhoon work continues - cockpit and spars

I picked up a Hurricane 1/5th scale super dash kit from Mick Reeves models, along with a gun-sight and compass kit.  About 3 hours to get this far:

And here it is - all done, and a bit of dry-brushing later:

I mounted the fuselage on the centre section to check things over around the cowl mounting.  I have some filler work to do around the wing blend too:

The centre section spar tube gluing up to the old centre spar:

Once all done, the anti-rotation pin assembly was also let-in to the back (10mm carbon rod and tube).  A lot of the tip panel has been sanded back here too.  The fit is lovely, all slides together and no slop:

The final tube now laid up and setting:

Not very exciting yet, as it's a lot of repetitive work making tube mounts and clamping stuff up, but she'll be a solid wing again soon that can be sanded back and readied for primer in the near future.