Thursday, 6 December 2018

Seahawk and Liberator progress

The Seahawk now has a completely glassed airframe, and is now being rubbed down, and more progress has been made on the Liberator.  I'm quite liking glassing in the evenings now, certainly beats a film finish.

Quite happy with the finish I'm getting here, before rubbing back :

All done, and the start of the cockpit plug :

B24 tailplane and elevators all glassed, so a test fit-up was called for.  All good :

The B24 fuselage gets its first bit of glass on the bottom :

I've also glassed all the main surfaces on the C17 tailplane now, just the stubby bits to finish up and that'll be ready for knocking back too.  With any luck, the Seahawk will get some primer this weekend, especially as it's a long weekend for me.