Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Another new PSS machine? Oh ok...

So this is what I'm planning next - a Hawker Sea Hawk :

 My plan is a model that will have removable wings, the first set of which will be cut from foam, to scale (as in no stretching).  The model will have a 1200mm span, have a built-up fuselage (lots of planking - yes!), ailerons / elevator / rudder / flaps.

I am planning to then do a slightly stretched wing for lighter wind days, and that will be built-up, and maybe not have the inboard flaps (for overall lightness).

The receiver, battery, and two servos will be housed under a removable canopy hatch area, leaving the rest of the fuselage one-piece and STRONG.

I will have to form my own canopy, but I can't see that being a huge obstacle.

I will update with a view of the plan I've drawn so far in a minute.

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