Friday, 24 July 2015

Some more A10 work

So, to make the rear most nose section former a bit stiffer, I added a large 1/4" ply plate, then tried again. Nope, the front-most former on the rear fuselage started to deform then. Great. So I added more 1/4" ply, then added another turnbuckle to keep it together. Problem solved :

I also swapped out my dual-battery switch to a "green" servo power distribution board, that has two battery inputs. The FRSky RX mounts on top of this, and each servo output is now tripled on the board.

I added a bit of detail to the top of the nose (refuelling plate thingy) and have done some overall weathering, as well as this week added drawn-on panel lines.
A few more tweaks and re-painting of parts, then she will be coming to Lleyn with me as long as the forecast is favourable.

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