Friday, 14 August 2015

A10 repairs part 3, and build musings.

Well, the tailplane feels really strong now.  I've re-glued a wobbly fin, and sanded down the big ply web to the tail surface, and it feels very sturdy.  A bit of filler tonight, and the tail will be ready for priming at the weekend - after I've re-attached a loose elevator.  Pictures to follow later!

So - the autumn  / winter builds then.  I've decided on this :

  1. Finish the Horten (just requires final sanding and covering / painting)
  2. Finish the B24 (wings to cut, fus to finish)
  3. Hawker Sea Hawk build (x2 ...more about that later)
  4. Andy Conway Su27
In amongst those are a couple of little builds and renovations - a Flair Hawker Hunter that needs tweaking then selling; a Howard Metcalfe F4 Phantom that needs some decals; a P51B that needs some slope-suitable wings cutting for it, then covering.

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