Thursday, 13 August 2015

A10 repairs progress

Gun cover and gun tube re-installed.  Looks like I have some work cut out for me here when it comes to using the body filler!  Oh, and the big dent in the side of the nose now filled too.

Top of nose section rear former now epoxied back in.  I did a lot of work in there to strengthen it - the 1/4" birch ply plate is now secured to the next former forward (F4 I think?), then the top half of the former is webbed with 1/4" birch ply triangles to *hopefully* stop it being pulled out again.

Tailplane halves now re-joined, and a slot has started to be chased out to insert the new full depth 1/4" ply brace.  Yes there are two slots.  The one on the left was a schoolboy error by me - I marked the spar location and started cutting that, rather than off setting from the mark and cutting.

Inside the nose section, with the debris removed.  I have now planked / boxed this in medium-hardness 1/4" balsa, with the bottom of the box secured to the carbon tube.
More to follow!

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