Monday, 7 September 2015

I hate this A10

Well...I hate putting it together and man-handling it.  If it doesn't fly this year, I shall be selling it to fund other projects, I am sure.

Anyway - wings on and aligned, as the incidence pin holders that are in the fuselage had loosened.  So, I cut some better tubes (aluminium), greased up the carbon dowels and the faces of the wing roots, then squeezed it all together with a mega-f*ck-tonne of Gorilla glue splattered over the tubes.  Of course, all of that after fighting with the sodding wing spar for 10 minutes.

It all seems fine this morning, with maybe just a bit of thickened epoxy to add.  I need to finish painting the flap covers next, so that they can both be installed.

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