Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hey - how about MORE PSS?..and Sea Hawk update

The Sea Hawk is still in the planking stage at the moment, but is starting to get held up by other things not being done - namely the wings will need cutting / veneering / joiner tube installed shortly.  This is so the fuselage part of the joiner tube outer can be mounted level and true to the rest of the fus - an impossible feat once the top planking is in place!

OK and yes, another PSS model that I mentioned a while back is being built - the Su-27 Flanker from the Andy Conway plan.  I've had the plan and plastic parts for around 3 years now, so I've made a decent start.  4 days and 3 scalpel blades later, the wooden parts were all cut :

And after I'd re-cut the wing ribs (my photocopy of the plan was WAY off), the port wing is under construction :

It's all coming along nicely, but there are definitely some boo-boo's on the plan I have - maybe they have been fixed in more recent versions? These errors so far include - TE not shown notched, though should be; solid lines shown on the plan, where there should be dotted lines (loads of places I've found this); false LE about 2 inches too short.  Nothing major as yet, but it has slowed things down here and there.

Oh, and here is Matt with his Flanker, alongside me and my Fulcrum : 

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