Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Flanker progresses

The construction of the rear fuselage continues, here you can see tailplane mechanism going into the rearmost liteply former :

The brass tube has a 4.05mm ID, which is ideal for the 4mm carbon tube the tailplane halves will sit on.  The gap in the centre is to accommodate the movement of the bell-cranks, in this case a nose-leg steering arm, shortened to its innermost hole.  This means, of course, that each tailplane will be driven by its own servo - in this case a digital, metal-geared Corona high-voltage item.  A push-rod of M2 flavour will be sheathed in a carbon tube for stiffness to drive the bellcranks, all of which needs to be finished before the sheeting and stringers can looked at.  Will post more pics after lunch as always!

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