Friday, 4 December 2015

2016 builds - final version.

OK so this is what I am planning my building time on for next year...with a surprise..

  • Finish the Flanker - just needs tailcones sorting, then glass and spray.  4 weeks work.
  • Finish the Sea Hawk - cut wings, finish fuz planking, make tail set. Glass and spray.  5 weeks work.
  • Build 3x L59 (or L39? can never remember) for sales. 3 weeks work.
  • Build Folland Gnat. 6 weeks work.
  • Build a new project that I've been designing this week.  15 weeks work.

So that new project then. Meet the Big Grey Cloud :

Yes, a 3.4m wingspan, 3.3m long, 1/15th scale C17 Globemaster.
It will be a "quick and cheap" structure - cheap 4mm ply for the formers and crutches, blocked out with white foam then carved to shape.  Finished with brown paper and PVA, glassed where necessary, and blue foam in the nose and front of undercarriage pods probably.  

I will cut the wings and veneer them myself as usual, and they will be covered with with Solarfilm or brown paper.  I will 3D print the engines to make them light, cheap, and strong, and I might 3D print the winglets too.

I plan on splitting the fuselage just behind the wing root, and the tailplane (all 1500mm of it!) will also be removable.  The main wing spar will be 25mm square steel, as per the A10 - its way over-specced, but cheap and easy to use.  I may splash out on proper FighterAces wing joiners for the fuselage joint again, unless I find anything suitable in the mean time.

Here is my model, with an (odd) human alongside for scale :

Aint she pretty?!  Work will start in January, with an aim to getting it done for the first PSSA meet, but definitely ready for the second.

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