Thursday, 10 December 2015

Back to the Sea Hawk..

So, the Flanker is sat there ready for glassing, and I have everything around me to get on with it.  I just can't be bothered as yet, as I really do have a LOT of time before the PSSA events commence, even if I do go flying in January / February, I can still get her done for then.

Anyway, on with the Sea Hawk.  I've now made a lovely little planked boat!

I sealed off the underside last night, and decided to crack on with the arrangements in through the top.  First of which is the elevator and rudder controls.  Yes a rudder.  If you fly without a rudder on a aeroplane that was meant to have one, you should be shot.

Not much going on in that shot, but it's interesting to see how curvy she is for something with such a small span.  So, I have started to prepare a bowden cable for the elevator, and haven't really thought about rudder control as yet.  Probably bowden again, as I have lots of it around the workshop.

Gratuitous plan shot!  Yes I still keep a Sea Hawk plan on the wall for me to sketch notes and modifications on to, in case I make another.  Ooh - B24 fuselage photo bomb there on the right!

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