Friday, 22 January 2016

Project's Progress

I haven't been posting recently due to not really doing a great deal on the aircraft themselves.  I have done a little more design work on the C17, but mostly last-minute tweaks to the way things go together.  I've also got some raw materials around me now, so I'm nearly ready to make the Big Start on the BGC.

The Flanker has been sat awaiting it's pilots, and I've been painting them up all week - and first thing this morning I glued them in.  That means tonight I should be able to get the cockpit on, then tomorrow mask that off and start the final primer coats.

The F104 has had a good sanding down all over, but not really progressed since the last images I put up.  If I get the time this weekend I should be able to mist some primer on to see where we're at with the quality of finish.

The Sea Hawk hasn't really been touched, but I made a decision to make the wings non-removable on the first one.  I've been wasting too much time with looking at spar solutions, I decided "sod it", and will use the remainder of my flat carbon spar material (from the Mig29) to make a one-piece spar that keep her altogether.  I'm not struggling for transport space, so it won't matter in the long run.

Other than that, I am re-organizing the indoors workshop (again), to add in another 7 foot long bench, adding in more storage racks, and making a dedicated soldering / electronics work area.  This should free up the other benches for aircraft parts.

That's about it!  More news when it happens :)

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