Monday, 25 January 2016

Sunday's flying

I had nice 3 hour or so flying session yesterday in the normal Burton Dassett bumpy air, giving the Pike WR, B52, and the Hawk a bit of an airing.  The Buff was not enjoying the bumpy air so much, and the Hawk wasn't too impressed either.  The forecast wind speed was 16mph with 25mph gusts - on the edge of the hill, at the compression point, I measured 17mph on my Vavuud...pretty terrible really, showing that there is no great amount of power in the hill at all.  As a comparison, on the Orme a 16mph ground-level speed would easily give mid to high twenties on the edge!

The bumpiness is getting worse over the years too - I think we need to visit some trees at the bottom with a chainsaw one night!

Shona forgot the camera, so we only managed a few stills from my phone, this is about the best of them.

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