Thursday, 18 February 2016

C17 Former dry fit

The C17 continues apace, and I've had a chance to lay the formers out on the crutch.

Love it! Scale given by my A10's nose, which is not exactly small as it is. I have now cut out the rear section formers and crutches, but won't have a picture of that until I get the longerons sorted.  I'm now at a stage where I think I can safely mark-up Dave's set of formers, and get on with cutting them too.  

All of this C17 work means that the Albatrosses have been sat idle all week, but I may get around to cutting their wings sometime on Saturday, after I've met up with some of the PSSA crew at the Coventry Air Museum, where we will be fondling Vulcans, Starfighters etc.  Brill!

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