Friday, 5 February 2016

L39 Albatross for PSS

Steve asked for details about the Albatross, so here are some bits and piece.  I'd realised this morning that I had only really mentioned about kitting them in an obscure thread n the ModelFlying forums.

One of my first PSS builds was this little Albatross from the Cyril Carr plan :

I sold her shortly after making the Jet Provost, as I thought they'd be performing a pretty similar role.  Wrong!  The L39 penetrates better (MUCH smaller in cross section), is more manoeuvrable (shorter tail moment), is easier to build (certainly less wasteful of balsa), and stays up in lighter lift (more wing area for a similar weight.

As I still have the plan, I thought I'd make two more - one for me, one to sell.  After mentioning that, I had a bit of interest, so now I am making 5, keeping one still.

Specs? OK :

  • 40" wingspan.  Veneered foam wing (slightly thinned from plan).
  • Magnetized knock-off wing tanks.
  • All balsa fuselage.
  • Removable, adjustable, battery tray.
  • All linkages supplied (snake to elevator, single servo cutout and links for ailerons.
  • AUW ready to fly should be a smidge over 1.5lbs.  This may be different for different canopy versions, see below.
As standard, a solid, sprayed foam canopy, finished in silver solarfilm, the aircraft is £55 plus delivery.  This will need your servos (x2 mini size -  I can recommend these or similar from Hobbyking), a switch, a battery (4 cell NiMh or 2 cell LiFe is my preference), and your receiver.

A clear canopy with 2 painted pilots, ejector seat and interior details, again in silver solarfilm, is £70.

I can do various camo schemes, but cost depends on complexity.  I like these from a recent trawl for colour schemes :

If anyone is interest, please let me know.  As you can tell, from the blog, I have a fairly full workshop at the moment, so these build should all be ready by the first PSSA meet (16th April).

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