Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Vulcan under-body items

I managed to affix the port engine mouldings yesterday, and this morning I modified it as per the other side for access to the rear wing retention bolt.  I have started adding the last items to be built - the tailcone, and I am speaking to Matt about the nose of his one.

It's coming along!  I started top coat spraying on the Flanker last night, and had a bit of a disaster.  The new acrylic paint I am using did not spray well at all, and has gone on quite splotchy.  Now I have just changed the seals in the airbrush, but think there is a problem with one of the seals I couldn't get too.

I've quickly purchased a cheapo brush off of ebay that comes with lots of extra bits, so I will try again with that and the new paint.  If it all still goes tits-up, then I will change back to enamel paints.

So what would the priority of builds be?  Good question!  I have no idea.  I am also building some L59's for sales purproses, so really they need to be first.  Then the Flanker.  Then...not sure?  Vulcan and F104 are both fairly close.

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