Friday, 11 March 2016

C17 tailplane assembly

The veneers were sanded down to be flush on the foam cores, and 1/4" balsa LE and TE's added.
Some time later...

The tailplanes are now sanded to "first pass sand" level, and one elevator is done - the other needs a quick kiss from the hand plane then a sand from the Perma Grit. Spar grooves have been let-in too; wing tips added (1/2" soft balsa-1/8" liteply core - 1/2" soft balsa); and the hardware for mounting is cut and ready. By the end of the day, this will all be glued up - currently this is a dry fit.

Here is an elevator sanded up (square) and laid in position ready for hinges to be marked, and the front to be rounded.  This assembly should be close to being covered by Monday morning - there isn't a great deal of work left in it.

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