Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some B52 repairs & modifications - part 1

The big silver BUFF will shortly be entering bombing duties with the PSSA, in a sub-event that I created for some extra fun at our meets.

A few people have thankfully shown interest, so I decided on using the BUFF for my entry to the competition and got her onto the bench for modification.  I think she will be an ideal candidate, as with lots of wing area she can carry a good load, as well as having crow brakes for parking over the aim circle to drop the load off!

The last time I flew her off my local slope, she required buckets of trim and wasn't her usually comfortable, groovy self - so I had a quick check over the control systems.  Oh dear, I'm glad I did.

The aileron horn-holes had gone oval, giving each aileron a lot of free play.  Like half the required movement, which was bad.  I'd also lost (yet another) hinge on both flaps, so it's time to rip it all out and start again.

Firstly, I dug a good half-inch hole out around the screw hole, and removed the foam :

Next up, I chopped some 1/2" hard balsa oversize, and Gorilla-glued it in :

The next day, this was sanded back to profile, a new hole drilled through, and some thin cyano wicked into the exposed cross-grain.  Once dry, the steel bolt is dropped back through : 

Then tightened up with the addition of the aluminium base, and plastic top :

Job done! 3 more to go.

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