Monday, 11 April 2016

Su27 Flanker PSS - finished!

As I was on my own all weekend, I took the opportunity to finished off the Flanker.  A bit of spraying / panel lines / decals / lacquer, and here she is.

I'm quite happy with that, although I had / have two problems.  The dark blue is too dark, and my 3M vinyl masking tape is too wide to make the more complex curves found on the full size "Blue 69".  But, it's only a paint job and those can always be changed if it annoys me too much.  

I had what was probably my most successful hinging session on this Flanker too.  Lot of preparation never goes amiss, and always dry fit things a few times to make sure you know where to push and by how much.  I also masked off the joints to stop grubby, epoxy-laden fingerprints getting all over the fresh paint job.

Right, she's balanced now, and I only have a couple of small jobs to kill off before next weekend's PSSA meet - the intakes need painting black, and the fins require the front location dowel to be added.  

Pray for wind!

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