Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Su27 Flanker - tailplane rod improvements

During a successful PSSA meet on the Great Orme this past weekend, I (or rather Bramble) managed to break the carbon fibre rod on the RH tailplane unit.  Ah well, it's a quick repair.  Then I remembered what I had done - I'd ordered 4mm tube AND rod at the same time, and in my hurry to build the aircraft used the tube instead of the solid rod.  I had reinforced the area where the actuator screws on, but it was only very local, so out it came.

Thankfully I still had the rod spare, so thinking that I had one failure I might as well pop them both out and do them in one shot.  

A little bit of knife-work, and the old ones were soon replaced in a bed of thickened epoxy with the new rods.  I used masking tape to ensure the surface stayed smooth, so  a quick wipe of filler will see her ready for top coat again.  Easy job!

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