Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Vulcan progress - covering & cockpit

The big (72") Vulcan is coming along well at the moment, with a bit of a push underway for her to make the June PSSA meet at the Great Orme.  This weekend I dabbled a little with the covering, finishing off the fuselage as I had sorted the wings and flying surface already.

So, onto the cockpit then, as I never managed to get hold of an original from the supplier unfortunately.  Out with the pink foam, and using the 1/72nd scale model as well as the plan, I knocked one up.  Here it is on the Vulcan, freshly stuck down :

I peeled the Oracover away under the foam to expose the balsa first of course.  Next stage is to glass this with light cloth and WBPU :

Getting there!   It looks messy at this stage, but the cloth will be cut back shortly.  I have filled the weave with a WBPU / talcum powder mix to thicken it all up.  This should be set tonight ready for a light sand and final coat.  Then its on with the P38 body filler and she will be ready for priming.

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