Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Vulcan progress - paint disaster! & PSS forecast

Well it was all going so well, until this :

In my haste to get her finished, I used the cheapo masking tape to back up the blue vinyl tape.  I thought that the cheap stuff would need some extra persuasion to stick, so used a seam roller to flatten it all down before paint.  Now, this is a method I have used before  on masking, but not with acrylic paint - usually when using 2K or enamels, which bond a LOT better than the water based stuff.

So, not only did the cheap stuff fetch the paint off, the vinyl did too - right down to the Oracover.  Balls.  So you can see I have started re-applying blue vinyl on the green now, and I will pick up some more Frog tape "yellow" tonight.  I have to go into town anyway to get the satin varnish, but it's something I'd rather not have to do.  Live and learn!

So the weather, then.  At the beginning of the week, it looked good enough to fly everything in the fleet this weekend.  Now - it's turned crap.  No wind, plenty of rain.  Balls.  Rhossili is looking fine with a handy SW  / W that should be good enough to get the Vulcan away, so I will leave it until Thursday night then decide where to go.

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