Wednesday, 20 July 2016

C17 Progress - assembled in the garden

Now the second wing panel is coming on well, I decided to slip it onto the spar, and assemble the rest of this little glider in the back garden.

All coming along nicely, and even though the RH wing was at such at an early stage on Sunday, by Wednesday (today), it has been :
  • released of it's control surfaces
  • pine LE and false TE added
  • wiring bored and added
  • servo boxes cut out and lined
  • main spar box added
  • spoiler trough cut out and lined
No hanging around now!  The rear fuselage section has now been completely filled in foam and rough cut with the hot wire, and filling the front section started today at lunch time too.  Finalising flap canoe positions and getting the flaps hinged is the next big hurdle, where I'll hopefully see my intended mechanical contraption operate.

Oh, and I mowed the lawn yesterday in the 35 degree C heat too! Phew!

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