Monday, 8 August 2016

L39 Albatross progress - final paint done

I haven't posted about this wee bugger for a time now, mainly because I've just been getting on and finishing it off.  So here are some updates!  I've gone for a vaguely Russian "aggressor" type scheme, which I think always look nicer without hard edges.  I rattle-can finished the base colour of "appliance white" over my typical silver HK film / Prymol / plastic primer base.

Ready for some colour

First blue on

Second blue on. Done!

Cockpit masking seems to have worked OK, which is nice.  I've spent this morning sorting out aileron crank clearances (which is always a pain in these), and getting the servo installs done.

I've got a couple of touch-ups to do on the paint front, add the decals, maybe some panel lines, a quick C of G tweak and it's done.

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