Tuesday, 23 August 2016

PSSA 2016 - Lleyn Peninsula

Now I'm back into the old swing of things as far as work goes, I thought I better do some updates to the blog!

The PSSA meet was a great success, with Saturday being able to fly most of the aircraft present.  I maidened the Vulcan, and am very happy to have won model of the event!  I couldn't believe that - my second award with the PSSA (first was best static model at the JP meet in 2014, with my OD Mig29).

It was great to get my Horten back, too.  I couldn't remember the exact trim levels, but took a stab and threw her out, where she performed flawlessly.

The Sunday of the event wasn't so great wind-wise, although a few lightweight PSS models did fly, I took the opportunity to get the Pike away in the afternoon though.  There's nothing quite like launching into a 5mph wind coming up a sea cliff!  The Pike really flies well in very marginal conditions - everyone was amazed that I could pull away to altitude then bang out some fast passes and aeros close in. 

I also flew my F35 EDF and Radjet, which are a good giggle, but not the best for a PSS meet.  The rest of the week was outstanding, and we got a bit more cliff soaring and electric assist thermalling done too.  A great holiday in the best Welsh weather.

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