Thursday, 3 November 2016

SU27 Flanker modifications

With a great NW wind forecast showing for this weekend, it's been decided that there will be a mini PSSA meet at Bosley Cloud, near Congleton.  As it's quite a powerful hill - with flat land in front of it across the Cheshire plain to the sea - I thought it's about time the Su27 got a proper airing.  

After her last fights in mega lift on the Orme, I knew she was still too nose heavy.  A slight dive test caused her to nearly pull up into a stall, so she is way too over-stable.  This airframe was also next on the list for the LiFe battery upgrade, so I killed two birds with one stone.

Here is the forward battery compartment in the underside of the nose.  I removed half the lead, and cut a hole in the front former to reveal a liteply plate that I can'remember installing!  Oops.  Anway, the 2500mah LiFe slips in nicely, along with some bubble wrap to keep things from moving about.

It's pretty hard to make out in this picture, but I've moved the C of G back by 8mm, which is good for a first try I think.  I must remember to take out some of the up-trim before launching!

I charged the battery on the bench last night, and packaged her all up ready for Sunday.  In all, I've saved 4ozs from the AUW, and she has moved to a better battery chemistry. Can't wait!

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