Friday, 2 December 2016

C17 Globemaster III build - tail, odds and sods

Now that I am happy with the final fit of the tail section, it's time to cap off the tailplane.  I added a long strip of 3/16" balsa, and sanded it to shape.  I also went around the tail / vertical interface and filled in any small gaps, as well as boring a hole for the tail-top landing light, as you can see.

The white foam triangle that can be seen on the port wing that the tail is sat on, is a quick repair.  A long time ago when I started  to fit the spar boxes, I managed to push the steel spar clean through the box and mostly out the top of the wing.  Oops!  I cleaned out this blemish and fitted a new bit of foam in with gorilla glue.  This will then be veneered tonight ready for final filling.

In other news, I've got tracking information from T9 for my FrSky Horus today - yessss!  Can't wait to try out this new radio.

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