Monday, 30 January 2017

C17 Globemaster III build - love on an elevator(s)

As previously mentioned, I had spoken to Phil Cooke about the suitability of the C17 elevators that I had cut form the foam tail, and that I had doubts on their size.  So, I set about modifying the tailplane and making new elevators to get some authority back in the tail

Here you can see the older elevator (darker version) and the new proposed one.

Again, old one is darker.  New one is getting built up:

Hinge and horn blocks added :

Top skin added :

Root modified to match longer chord of the elevators :

Second elevator built and top skin on too :

I also spent some time prepping the Fouga parts with primer, and should be hand painting the pilots this week.  Once that's done, she'll be a lot closer to receiving her top coat.  Happy days!

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