Monday, 27 March 2017

Lockheed U2-S PSS - new airframe

I was directed to this PSS U2 after a fellow PSSA member (who is now responsible for 3 recent model purchases!) sent me a message with a link to the advert.  I posted it up into the RCM&E / Modelflying Forum's PSS models wanted / for sale page and then thought nothing more of it.

After pay day I thought I'd drop the seller a quick email to see if it was still for sale, thinking that something this rare HAD to have been sold by now.  It wasn't!  A plan was formed and off we went to get it, wild camping in the lovely South Downs forests over night on the Saturday.

Here she is, anyway - 108", 10lbs AUW, 6 servo wing, steerable tail wheel, retractable main U/C with sprung oleo and gear doors etc etc.  In my opinion for the price - a complete steal.

She was originally set up for EDF, and I think I will drop one in for those light wind days still, but initially she'll just be pure PSS.

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