Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Back from holidays... (Fouga, Fox, U2)

..so it's back to building!

Just before we left for Cuba I bought a Reichard "Long" Fox, which was an experimental variation on the MDM-1, at quarter scale.  I then ordered up a load of servos and batteries to be delivered when I was gone, and now it's time to get building!

Undercarriage plates and semi-formers going in dry here.

3rd servo spot for the aerotow release.

The Fouga needed a little attention, as I wasn't happy with the final fit of the wings against the roots on the fuselage, but I ran out of time before the Orme even to rectify it.  I peeled off the covering on the faces of the root ribs, and after protecting the fuselage with masking tape, blobbed on some p38 filler and squeezed it all together.

This was then sanded back smooth, sometimes taking some of the original paintwork with it unfortunately, but the wings need a respray at the roots after this anyway.

The other problem was wobbly wings.  I initially thought the spar was flexing, but it seems the glass rod is not a very good fit in the wing box tubes.  I have temporarily fixed this by lining the spar with 3 lengths of thin masking tape.  The wobble is gone for now.

The U2 has another (that's 3 out of 4 possible) flap horns come loose on the Orme, so I have potted that in epoxy now too, as well as removed the tailwheel from the underside of the aircraft.  Should make her a bit cleaner and less likely to snag on landing.

Here's a couple of flying shots from Phil Cooke to prove that aviation was committed :

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