Thursday, 23 November 2017

Typhoon Tail Titillation

Tiffie's tail continues.  Both elevators now sanded to final finish, and the rudder needed some attention too.  I re-made the TE top part of it, and also created a new trim-tab that will be secured after priming.

All on and connected, feels good :

I removed the tail-wheel assembly early on, so I neatened up this area with balsa planking and filler :

Sanded smooth this afternoon.  This will be glassed lightly before priming :

So with the hard remedial work done on the tail end, time to look at the nose.  I have a long length of M12 studding running through the firewall that is secured with large washers and locknuts.

This then protrudes through the cowl space and out through the spinner's location, giving me somewhere to attach the spinner, and hold some lead right in the front of the aircraft :

This will then get shortened down to a sensible length for normal operation.

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