Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Antonov An-225 Mriya - the rebuild progresses

Lots of work on the 225 these past few days, including the biggest change - sawing the main fusealge in half.  This thing was 14 feet long, and made moving / transporting / handling / everything just too hard.  OK this isn't an everyday slope model, but it actually needs to not make me want to kill it every time I work on it.

Here is a snippet of the fus cut - join will be via 4 latches and 2 aluminium tubes :

I actually read some instructions and figured out what I was doing wrong when binding the second RX to give me 16 channels on the Horus.  Wing programming is now finished.  Here the 4x 4200mAh LiFe batteries that will run everything, as well as the two receivers on their respective distribution / battery back boards :

The nose is ready for some HK film now :

Flaps 3 and 4 (in-board centre section) have had new servos, servo arms and pushrods :

I'm now waiting on the wing tube delivery from SLEC so I can get the fus parts sorted.

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