Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Hawker Typhoon for PSS - balanced and programmed

I made up the looms for the Tiffie, installed all the servos (8), made the myriad of links and closed loop runs, then programmed the lot into the FRSky Horus.  All told, she's 31 lb AUW which includes about 8lb of lead behind the spinner!  Well, it is a short nose and she used to have a 90cc engine up there, and still needed about 3lb of lead with that, so I've saved around 8lb from the old AUW, which isn't too bad as a percentage.

Wing loading comes out in the region of 39 oz sq ft, and a WCL of 11 - quite respectable compared to the A10.

I'm just painting the servo covers, and printing a mount for the redundancy bus, then she'll be RTF.

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