Monday, 3 June 2019

Hawker Typhoon for PSS - maidened!

Well, I chose my day and me and some local helpers got to the Orme in amongst 30mph SW winds - perfect.

After flying the SBD for a few flights, the Tiffie was rigged and readied.

By the time it came to fly the Typhoon, the wind speed had increased to 50mph - if she wasn't going to fly in that, she wasn't going to fly at all.

Photos complete, let's get her airborne!

Amazing!  A 28lb beast with a 4" thick root section actually soared away, and needed down trim to stay in sight.  Aileron and rudder trim were spot on, I think the C of G can come back a little too. I tired a few rolls - very axial.  A slight bump on landing meant that the spinner fell off - not surprising with the mass of it.  A quick repair though and she'll be good to go again soon.

The wind increased to 70mph+ as the day wore on, and the light got better and better.  Alas, it became to dangerous to launch aircraft so I walked the dogs a bit then drove home.

The video, as promised...

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