Tuesday, 26 November 2019

F-100 Super Sabre for PSS - a bit more

The Sabre continues along at a pace, as the weather has been pretty poor for C17 spraying in the shed as of late.

Flaps and ailerons created and shaped, then hinged.  Flaps are bottom hinged :

Couldn't resist a quick bench fly :

Servo boxes created for the ailerons and flaps :

Tailplane copied from the plan into CAD :

Ribs lasered out in 3/32".  Oh, I have a CNC laser now for cutting pesky parts :

Wing root centre parts cut and fitted.  Full flap selected! :

Tailplane half going together :

Spruce LE and TE glued and sanded to shape :

A quick assembled bench fly :

Wing root to sort then we're good for glass on the fuselage.

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