Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Flanker plastic parts

Here are some images of the first of the plastic parts going onto the Flanker.  The nose section I was quite worried about - it needed packing to obtain the correct angle but I still wasn't all that sure until the epoxy set.  Anyway, I am happy with the way it turned out, and so I filled the join with car body filler.  I have a bit more to do there to blend it, but it's coming along.

Now a general overview of the pink foam bulges under the wing roots.  One side is sanded fairly well, the other yet to be filled or carved.  I think I will blank off the intakes as per Matt's version.  It seemed to help a bit on my Fulcrum when pulling up hard, she bleeds off less speed with these blanked.

I have blocked out and carved the underside of the bee-sting now too.  Oh, it's been filled and sanded smooth all over since then!

A view from the rear - nice shape!

And now the other plastic bits - the exhaust nozzles.  I know Matt built his up, but I have tried rolling 1/64th ply nozzles in the past, and they ended up pants, so I am happy to use these.  Afterburners will be installed later, after glassing and spraying.

Not many tasks left here now :
  • Build up cockpit interior, shape cockpit
  • Fit wing-tips and make tip rocket rails
  • Create and shape ailerons, prefit hinges and function test
After that its final sand then time for glass!

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