Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A10 post-landing repairs

After my slightly donked landing, the A10 needed a little fettle in the rear fuselage section.  Here is what I did :
The top part of the skin there popped out of the former, as did the bottom corner where the second clamp is.  Thickened epoxy was pushed into all the joints, then the clamps were applied over masking tape (stops runs) for a couple of hours (it's 30 minute epoxy).  All seems good and solid now.

This is the worst bit, where the rear tension hook pulled its mount off the former - ouch!  Now - should I double this and reinforce, or leave it as a weak joint? It probably helped avoid a more serious crack somewhere else, so was happy the energy was expended here.  Hmmm..will have to think on this one.

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